St. Adelaide Faith Formation Registration

Catechetical Year 2023-2024

We are currently accepting registrations for returning students only. All new student registrations will open on July 1st.  Please call (909)862-8669 for more information. 


In-person classes 

Grades 2-5 - Meet on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm,  3 times per month, AND once a month on Sundays at 9:30 for family catechesis sessions. 
Grades 2-5 Spanish/Espanol -  Mondays (lunes) at 6-7:30 pm
Middle School, Grades 6-8 - Thursdays at 6-7:30 pm 
High School Confirmation - Wednesdays at 6-7:30 pm        1st-year students must be 14 years old BEFORE April 1, 2022

Adult Sacraments - Thursdays 7-8:30 pm                                         

If you are registering online, please email a copy of the baptismal record to


Tuition Fees

$100 - per student  ($300 maximum per family)  Tuition paid is NON-REFUNDABLE.

$10 late fee applied after September 1st

In addition to Tuition, the Youth Confirmation program also has a Retreat Fee, see below:
Confirmation Retreat Year 1 - $60  Confirmation Retreat Year 2 - $160

Tuition - Adult Sacraments - $50 

Tuition and a copy of the sacramental record must accompany registration. 

Tuition payments can be made by Checks, Cash, or thru Online Giving.

Please make checks payable to St. Adelaide Church


Religious Education Registration Process

Please complete all the steps in the Registration Process below:

  1. Registration Form: Fill out registration form here (online) or print registration form, and have ready for your registration appointment.
  2. Payment: Go to Online Giving on the main page or follow this link . 
    1. Go to “Religious Education/English” and click the box that says “Give Now. 
      1. Enter the amount of your payment and please add your student’s full name in the Notes box.
      2. Please add your student's name in the notes section of the online giving page.
    2. Tuition may be paid in person at your registration appointment. Payments may be made by check, cash, or credit card. If paying cash, please bring exact change. 
  3. Registration Appointment: Make an appointment with the corresponding Program Coordinator by calling the office:

Grades 2-8, High School & Adult Sacraments: Rosa Isela Alvarado  (909) 862-8669 ext. 105

Grades 2-5 (Español): Flor Morataya  (909) 862-8669 ext. 108

  1. Bring a copy of student’s baptismal certificate and tuition payment (if you have not paid online) to your registration appointment.

Registration is not complete until you have met the appropriate program coordinator in person or by phone and received all necessary information for the program.

St. Adelaide R.E. Registration Form 2023-2024
Family Last Name
As registered in the parish
Father's Name
Mother's Name
as registered in the parish
Cell Phone # --
primary contact number
Emergency Contact
Name, phone number, and relationship to student
Student's Name
Has your child attend RE classes at St. Adelaide before?
If yes, when?
Please enter: Day of the week and Year your student attended classes
Was your child Baptized at St. Adelaide?
If yes, When?
Sacraments Received:
List sacraments your student has ALREADY received, the parish where the student received the sacrament, and year.
Code of Conduct
I understand that by submitting this form I/my child agree(s) to cooperate and participate fully, that I/my child will show respect for the property visited, respect for neighbor, that I/my child will show respect for the law and practice safety skills at all times. By failing to meet this code of conduct, I/my child am/are aware that appropriate action may be taken and arrangements may be made for the removal from the event.
I/my child agree to cooperate and participate fully, that I/my child will show respect for neighbor, the law and practice safety skills at all times. I/my child are aware that by failing to meet this code of conduct that appropriate action may be taken.
Digital Permission
I hereby authorize the making of photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, voice recordings, usage of online services such as Zoom or other memorializing of said sessions and my child's participation therein, and the publication and duplication or other use thereof. I hereby waive any right to compensation or any right that I otherwise might have to limit it to control such making or use. I DO authorize any photos, video tapes, and voice recordings of my child as well as his/her usage of the online services mentioned above.
I DO authorize any photos, video and voice recordings of my child as well as his/her usage of the online services mentioned above.
Online Giving

Online Giving

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